what is first light goat yogurt?

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why we’re non-GMO

We prioritize the health of our animals, our environment, our customers and our economy, and we’re proud to offer the most delicious goat yogurt on the planet.

Crafted with the highest ethical standards, with the goal of making the world a better place. It just so happens that our yogurt is the cleanest goat yogurt available today.

Learn more about non-GMO products here

we are PRO probiotics

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Some nationally distributed yogurts are re-pasteurized to extend shelf life - destroying all the probiotic cultures. First Light Goat Yogurt is chock-full of live and active cultures. Learn more about probiotics here.

love yogurt? compare labels

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why goat milk?

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bragging rights

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Not only is First Light Goat Yogurt high in protein, it’s made naturally with the right kinds of protein - high quality protein that’s both absorbable and digestible.

extra credit

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“Biological Value” is a measure of absorbability of dietary protein. Compare the two proteins in goat milk to other “high protein” healthy foods. Learn more about “Biological Value” here.

what is A2? better milk

Beta-Casein, which constitutes 30% of milk protein, comes in two forms, A1 and A2. Most commercially available cow milk is A1, which has been linked to stomach discomfort, gas, and inflammation.

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Goat milk is naturally A2, so goat milk products are a great choice for people who love dairy but would prefer to avoid these digestion issues. Learn more about A2 here.

is fat healthy?

Fats are essential in a balanced diet. They help your body absorb nutrients, aid in cell growth, and produce important hormones. But choose your fats wisely!

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Long-Chain Triglycerides (LCTs) are ubiquitous in the American diet and in cow milk and end up deposited in body tissue.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are healthy fatty acids present in goat milk that are easily absorbed and efficiently turned into energy in the body.

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MCTs are viewed as helpful in the prevention of America’s most prevalent health conditions: coronary disease, intestinal disorders, gallstones, cystic fibrosis, malabsorption syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease.

Interest in MCTs is growing among health-conscious Americans. Coconut oil and Palm Kernel Oil are industrially processed, expensive sources of MCTs. First Light Goat Yogurt is a great natural alternative source. Learn more about MCTs here


a quick guide to fillers

If you are looking to eat a spoonful of fillers and industrial processing aids, choose another brand.

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Pectin and Tapioca Starch are cheap, highly processed derivatives that add carbohydrates to yogurt. They’re used in many yogurts where raw ingredients and production techniques do not result in a sufficient set texture.

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Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, and Locust Bean gum give poor-quality yogurt a thick texture. Read the label on your favorite yogurt: if it contains Industrial Gums, consider alternatives.

great uses for industrial gums!

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eat clean.

Compare Labels. First Light Goat Yogurt is the best-tasting, thickest, creamiest goat yogurt on the planet. Try it once and fall in love!

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