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Best Compost Bins for Apartments

Best Compost Bins for Apartments

Statistics show that around 30% of the waste that we throw are compost—organic materials that could be added to potting soil to help plants grow. Hence, if most apartments and households would make the extra effort of composting their organic waste materials, we could keep these materials out of the heavily burdened landfills while helping the soil gain the needed macronutrients and micronutrients for the growth of plants.

To start composting, however, you need to know the basics of how to compost organic waste materials. First, you need to know which materials are compostable. So, at the onset, you need to list down the waste materials that you can compost. Second, you need to set up a composting system that is not space-consuming, primarily if you are inhabiting a cramped apartment.

Different Types of Composting System?

Before you can set up a composting system, you need to know the different types of composters on the market today. At present, there are many available products that you can readily use to begin your composting system.

There are worm composters for sale nowadays. There are also compost tumblers, food waste digesters, and stationary composting bins that you can readily buy online. So, basically, you have plenty of choices at hand as to which type of composting system you are going to set up. Here is a list of the available composting bins on the market today:

1) Composting Tumblers

If you want an excellent composting system that allows you to compost organic waste quickly, you can always opt for the compost tumblers.

These compost tumblers are handily designed to facilitate the composting process. They are designed to be impermeable to other pests and vermin for they are sealed chambers and have elevated designs. Thus, they are perfect for use in apartment setup. 

2) Worm Composting Bins

Worm composting bins take into consideration the valuable ability of earthworms to decompose organic materials. Earthworms can break down complex organic materials into nutrients that the plants need to grow and become healthy. Hence, the worm composting bins allow you to use earthworms inside the composting bins to break down organic waste matter. 

The worm composting bins come in different sizes and portability. However, they are not designed for composting meat, citrus, dairy products, and other types of food waste matter. Worm composting bins, of course, will not take so much space in your apartment and it can provide you with a viable setup for composting organic waste matter.

Vermicomposting or worm bins are the easiest to set up. You can buy red wriggler worms to break down organic waste into nutrient-rich castings that could readily increase the nutrients of garden soil. Worms are really great in decomposing, and if you got enough time, worms could become your greatest ally in maintaining an efficient composting system.

3) Stationary Compost Bins

One typical design of compost bins is the stationary compost bin. It is affordable and is easy to set up inside your apartment. In fact, you don’t need to buy a ready-made stationary compost bin for you can easily build your own stationary compost bins from scrap.

Stationary compost bins, however, are not designed for composting dairy and meat waste matter. It also can’t compost avocado pits, and citrus peelings for these materials take longer to compost.

4) Food Waste Digesters

Food waste digesters are specifically designed to digest almost any type of organic waste materials, including bones, meat, pits, starches, and many more. It does its composting by agitation and heat. At present, you can buy food waste digesters that you can set up as countertops models for composting in apartments. 

Example of the food digesters bin is the Food Cycler FC30 Platinum that is powered by electricity. It makes use of heat and vibration to break down organic waste matter readily. It can handle even larger scraps that the worm bins could not decompose. However, it is not cheap, and you may need to shell out more money for this type of composting system.

5) Bokashi Bins

Bokashi Bins come from Japan, and they make use of the Japanese method of composting using micro-organisms for fermenting a wide range of food scraps, including those scraps that worms find hard to break down like citrus, meat, and acidic foods. Thus, if you have a worm bin, you can complement it with a bokashi bin to do the job of breaking down those materials that the worm bins could not handle.

6) Traditional Composters

This type of composting system is usually set up outside or outdoor. It makes use of aerobic or anaerobic composters as in the case of fermentation. It is generally located outside because the composting process often gives off bad odors.

Highly Recommended Compost Bins for Apartment Use

Highly Recommended Compost Bins for Apartment Use

Not all composting systems are suited for apartment setup. If you are looking for a setup that you can use in your apartment, however, you can consider the following products:

1) Bokashi Composting Starter Kit

This composting system comes in the forms of two bins to allow you to continuously ferment and collect your food waste. This system is one of the best ways to start composting in your apartment. It provides almost everything that you need to have to begin bokashi composting in your apartment successfully. 

Bokashi Composting Starter Kit comes with two bokashi bins. It also comes with bags of premium bokashi bags and troubleshooting guide for bokashi composting. The bags are around 2 x 1.75 lbs in weight. 

Bokashi Composting Starter Kit is a premium quality composting system that is designed with superior lids and spigots. The bins are durable enough for repeated usage. The Bokashi Composting Starter Kit also comes with a one-year warranty on all its components and parts.

2) Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

This Kitchen Compost Container comes with a newly improved filter monitoring system that lets you not to worry about when to replace the filter again. This composting system makes the composting process easy and relaxed for apartment owners.

It can reduce kitchen waste by up to 90 %. It features a kitchen compost shredder that can do the job in less than three hours. It produces no odor and is environmental-friendly. Moreover, it doesn’t require any venting, draining, or any additive.

It is a countertop organic waste digester that can readily transform organic food waste into rich fertilizer within three hours. It resembles a bread machine. It is designed to grind and dehydrate everything that you put into it, including vegetable and fruit scraps, chicken bones, avocado pits, meat, and cooked leftovers.

The resulting material comes out dry, and thus, they are odorless and ready for mixing with your potting mix. This composting system, of course, is a viable option for composting at home. You can tuck it in inside a cabinet or underneath your sink. It is highly efficient and effective in composting waste materials.

3) SCD Probiotics K100 All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit

The SCD Probiotics K100 All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit offers a convenient and easy-to-handle composting system for apartments. It features a 5 US-gallon, 67-cubic feet, and 640-fluid ounce system that comes with an airtight lid for quicker decomposing and fermentation. It also features a strainer that allows for the release of moisture from the food waste scraps. This prevents the spoilage of organic materials. It also comes with a spigot that allows for easy and quick removal of watery compost tea that you can use for fertilizing plants.

So, if you are on a lookout for a composting system that you can utilize anytime, you can choose this one. This is an all-season composter that you can use indoor. You can easily store this bin anywhere inside your home for easy use. It also comes with a one-gallon bag of all-season bokashi that could help break down all your organic waste.

SCD Probiotics K100 All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit consists of a bin that is made of high-quality and durable plastic. It is airtight and does not leak bad odors. It also requires less maintenance and is quite easy to use. This is undoubtedly a great option when it comes to composting inside your apartment.

4) OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

The OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin, Charcoal is a convenient way of composting inside your home. It features a great design that allows you to use it with your countertop. Its lids readily flip-up for quick filling and flip down to lock the odors inside.

It features smooth interior walls for preventing foods and liquids from readily building up. Its contoured bottom along with its removable lids allow for easy emptying likewise. It also comes with a rotating handle for convenient transporting of waste outdoor. Its dimensions are 7 x 7 x7 inches, and it has a 12-cup capacity.

It is made of high-quality plastic that is widely recommended by environmental experts. However, it may be a bit small to handle all your food waste, and thus, you may have some issue with closing the lid. However, this one is an excellent option if you are an infrequent composter.

5) Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin

This Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin comes with a patented design that allows the airflow through. The use of this bin, therefore, doesn’t produce more odor and is less messy to use. It also comes with five compostable bags. Its size of 1.5 gallons and design is perfect for use at home.

Its design allows it to blend naturally with the interior design of your kitchen. Moreover, it looks good on the counter or even on the sink. If it is not open, it doesn’t let out a bad odor. The bags that come with it are biodegradable and durable. Its replacement bags likewise are affordable and easy to buy.


Composting has two-pronged benefits to those who engage in it. First, they could lessen the waste matters that go to the landfills. Second, they could use the composts for fertilizing garden soil. Thus, if you are fond of gardening, you will surely find composting a very decent way to improve the quality of your garden soil.

Having a composting bin inside your apartment, of course, can help you facilitate the composting of your organic waste. Its use makes composting clean and convenient to engage in. Moreover, it enables you to compost without the unhealthy odors and messy side effects that come with other methods of composting. So, if you are intent on contributing to the preservation of the environment, you should consider the use of composting bins in your apartment. 

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