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Best Flowering Plants for Pots

Best Flowering Plants for Pots

In terms of gardening, container gardens often come out on top due to their excellent versatility and the fact that you can experiment with them. However, you want. The options are virtually limitless – starting from simple short-term displays to long-term, even permanent, features. Basically, container gardening allows you to add a whole new dimension to your yard.

When deciding on the containers to use for your plants, you want to use only one or two materials. You can base your decision on the style and aesthetics of your garden. For example, you can use terracotta pots to complement the red bricks design of your house or galvanized metal pots for a garden with a contemporary design.

Larger pots tend to provide a much more evident impact. However, using many diverse small pots can create a weird but aesthetically pleasing yard. That said, if you’re bent on planting flowering plants in containers, here are the top 11 flowering plants you’d want to consider:

11 of the Best Flowering Plants for Container Gardens

1) African Violet

If you don’t have a lot of time tending your garden, you can go for African violets since they are straightforward to grow and don’t require a lot of care and maintenance. Add to that the fact that you can grow them indoors to add a bit more life to your interiors.

However, keep in mind that they grow best in a warm climate and require filtered sunlight for optimum growth.

2) Bromeliads

Bromeliads make for an excellent interior flora addition. Aside from their colorful foliage and long-lived flowers, they are very easy to take care of. In fact, they can even grow in low-light conditions.

3) Chamomile

If you’re a tea lover, you’ll be glad to have a chamomile plant around. This is because this plant’s white flowers can be dried and ground to make a healthy and delicious cup of chamomile tea. 

If you’re planning to grow chamomile in containers for the sole purpose of making tea out of its flowers, make sure you go for the German variant. Despite measuring only 9 inches tall on average, the chamomile plant can grow up to 2 feet high given proper care and maintenance.  

4) Daisies

Daises are one of the most common flowers you’ve probably already heard of. Their white-petaled flowers and yellow centers make them an excellent addition in most vases, gardens, and flowerbeds. That aside, they’re relatively easy to grow and maintain in containers.

In most cases, daisy flowers are commonly white. However, there are also instances where they could range from light pink to purple-red. Daisy plants are relatively small, around 2.5 inches in diameter, and can only grow up to 6 inches tall.


5) Impatiens

Impatiens are annual flowering plants that require optimum conditions in order to thrive without any problems. As long as you can provide their needs which include optimum conditions and proper shades, you can grow them all year round.

Ideally, you want to maintain room temperature, which ranges from 50 to 55 Fahrenheit. Also, you want to make sure that it can receive indirect sunlight throughout the day. If possible, try to give it direct morning sunlight as well.

6) Jolt Pink Dianthus

The dianthus generally loves cooler spring temperatures. However, the jolt pink variant can withstand a warmer temperature, so growing one during the summer isn’t a problem at all, making it one of the best plants for outdoor container gardens. 

Additionally, it’s straightforward to grow and is ideal for gardeners who prefer growing their flowers on containers.

7) Marigolds

Marigolds come in either orange, gold, white, or yellow flowers. In some cases, however, they can be a mixture of said colors. A lot of gardeners tend to place them in butterfly gardens since they can attract butterflies while repelling various undesirable insects due to their odor.

Since they make excellent deterrents, you’d want to plant them in containers and place them right next to your potato, tomato, and chili pepper plants to keep them free from any insect invasions.

8) Orchids

Orchids aren’t your typical plant considering that they’re epiphytes, meaning they don’t grow in regular soil as they derive their nutrients and moisture from the air, water, or even debris around them. In fact, planting an orchid in regular potting soil can actually kill it.

9) Profusion Red Zinnia

Gardeners adore the profusion red zinnia due to its disease resistance property, compact size, and long-lasting flowers. It features a red shade that doesn’t fade even when exposed to summer sunlight. It also looks great and performs well in container gardens.

10) Snapdragons

Despite the name, snapdragons don’t actually resemble dragons. They are tiny yet fragrant flowers which are very easy to grow and care for in containers. Aside from that, their flowers are very colorful and dominant that their foliage often gets hidden due to having a lot of blooms.

Snapdragons come in a variety of colors including red, yellow, pink, and even multicolored variants.

11) Viola

Last on the list is the viola, an annual flowering plant which is also tolerant to frost and cold temperatures. Its free-flowering habit makes it an excellent option for a container garden alongside its compact size.

Commonly available in violet, other violas can also feature a range of bright colors such as yellow, lilac, orange, and peach. They’re easily accessible in the local garden supplier.

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