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Best Flowers for Pots on Porch

Best Flowers for Pots on Porch

The porch—as the front projecting part of the entrance to your house—is immediately seen by your visitors see. As such, it forms a part of the first impressions that your visitors have of your home. Hence, you need to beautify and enhance its appearance. One way to enhance its looks is by sprucing it up with great flowering plants. Flowering pots, of course, add beauty and color to your otherwise dull porch. So, you should know the different flower-pot ideas for your porch.

You can use up-cycled items as pots for your flowering plants. These up-cycled materials may include fruit baskets, milk cans, and even antique chairs. Your level of creativity is your only limit when it comes to upcycling materials. You can do whatever you think can enhance the appearance of your porch. Your flower-pot ideas may be useful all year round. Yet, you can also interchange or switch out flowering plants depending on the season.

Factors to Consider for Your Flower-pot Ideas

If you have no yard or have little of it, you can focus on your porch and spruce it with flowering plants. In this way, you can show your visitors that you love plants. At the same time, you can beautify the front part of your house. There are, however, essential factors that you need to consider when choosing flowering plants for your porch:

1) Consider the Amount of Sunlight in Your Porch

The amount of sunlight that hits your porch will determine which types of plants you should cultivate in your porch. Of course, the porch has a lower light level. Thus, you need to overcome this issue when choosing plants for your screened-in porch. You should have a shortlist of plants that thrive in such an environment.

You should also consider cultivating plants that are drought-tolerant so that you will never be required to water them more often. If you have a filtered shade on your porch, flowering plants like the Begonia would be great. If you have partial shade, then you can go for the Astilbe Hybrids or Blood Sorrel.

2) Choose the Right Potting Soil

Soilless mixes specifically designed for containers and pots are perfect for cultivating plants on your porch. These soilless mixes are designed for proper drainage and are suited for flowering plants in pots. You should also choose soil that is appropriate for the plant types that you want to pot. You should refrain, however, from using light potting mixes that are concocted for annuals because they may not sustain the plants during winter or cold weather. 

3) Consider The Container That You Are Going To Use

Containers for your potting plants should have drainage holes at the bottom. The bottom should be made of lead, iron, fiberglass, stone, or heavy plastic so that the freeze and thaw during winter will never be able to destroy it. The root should be insulated to a certain degree from freeze and thaw. For this reason, you should choose larger containers. You should also ensure that there are no exposed roots and that the root top balls are well covered with soil.

4) Consider the Aspect of Maintenance

You should know how to maintain and take care of your potted plants. You should also refrain, for example, from fertilizing your plants 6 to 8 weeks prior to the first frost date. This will prevent the offshoot of new tender growth that could not withstand the winter frost. This will also set the plants for dormancy. You can then start fertilizing them during spring. 

You should choose a good location that has at least some access to sunlight. But you should also place those plants in a location that could protect them from dry winter winds. Moreover, you should water deeply and thoroughly during fall up to the onset of winter right before the soil freeze during winter. During warm winter spells, however, you should water again when the soil thaws.

Flowering Plants for Porch

Highly Recommended Flowering Plants for Porch

As mentioned above, each porch may be different from each other, but most porches have either a low level of sunlight or sprinkles of sunshine allowed by indirect light and dappled shade.

1) Chrysanthemums (Mums)

Chrysanthemums come in different varieties of colors, such as magenta, white, rust, or yellow. Thus, if you group these mums with varying shades of flowers, they will surely look good and pleasing when they bloom together. You can also balance them off with the addition of the ornamental kale.

Chrysanthemums also come in different shapes and sizes. Some are tiny spheroids, while others are gigantic and proud. They are, however, admittedly great when planted on the porch. 

Grandiflorum is the most known variety of chrysanthemum. This variety includes a frost-resistant one and partially-resistant ones. These varieties are great for ground cultivation. However, you can choose the pot mums or florist’s mums if you want to grow them in pots.

2) Marigolds

Marigold is another staple flowering plant for the porch. Marigolds surely provide enough color to an otherwise dull porch. Moreover, marigolds are easy to grow and maintain. In fact, marigold is one of the easiest plants to grow. 

The good thing about marigold is that it blooms easily and comes in a variety of colors like red, orange, white, and yellow. Marigolds are hardy plants that enjoy summer sunlight. You can easily purchase a pot of marigold from your nearest garden center, or you can start growing them from marigold seeds. Four species of marigold are usually available for planting in containers. 

First, there is the African marigold that grows tall with a maximum height of 3 feet. They are popular for their large blooms as well as blue-green leaves. They also come in warm orange, red, creamy white, and yellow tones. 

French marigolds, on the other hand, belong to the smaller variety. They grow up to 1 foot high and up to 10 inches thick. They come in a variety of colors like red, yellow, and orange. 

Triploid marigolds are somewhat a hybrid between French marigolds and African marigolds. Throughout summer, they frequently bloom, and they come in vibrant colors. 

Single French marigolds, however, come with long stems and grow like wildflowers. Their flowers have a daisy-like appearance and bloom well.

Marigold are hardy plants that grow very well in moist or dry soil. You should water your potted marigold daily. However, fertilizing them is not necessary, though some gardeners opt to fertilize potted plants on a monthly basis using a water-soluble fertilizer.

3) Petunias

Petunias are flowering plants that grow naturally in tropical areas. They offer bright blooms that readily spruce up the ambiance of your porch. There are many species of petunia, the most popular of which are the following:

Milliflora petunias:  exhibit compact and showy blooms that are good to look at. They usually bloom throughout the summer. Multiflora petunias are much known for their smaller blooms. But they come in abundance. When they bloom, they appear to be enveloped with flowers. 

Grandiflora petunias: are the most typical species of this flowering plant. You would often find petunias at any garden centers. They provide large flowers with a maximum width of 4 inches. The flowers would usually give your porch a lovely look while those flowers spill over the container’s side like a lovely drapery. 

Petunias need full sun and constant watering. It is also good to fertilize them weekly with a water-soluble fertilizer. You should remove the spent blooms from the stems down to the first leaves’ pair to keep the plants from blooming. Additionally, these plants thrive in daytime temps that range from 61°F to 75°Fand nighttime temperature of 57°F to 65°F.

4) Coleus

Coleus is a good-natured flowering plant that is difficult to kill. It is also quite easy to grow. Coleus is a perennial tropical plant that is usually grown by gardeners as annual in areas with USDA hardiness zones of 10 to 11. This plant has about 50 species that are all native to many parts of Asia. 

Planting coleus in a container is not difficult. It necessitates not much preparation. If you plant it in a container, you simply need to choose the right pot. This plant likes moist soil, so you should keep the soil moist for this plant. Coleus doesn’t like too much sun.

In fact, it is a shade lover. So, you should position this plant in a place where there is no direct sunlight. You should also fertilize it regularly so that it will provide colorful foliage. You can use a slow-release fertilizer for this plant. Lastly, you should periodically prune this plant to make it look attractive and nice.

5) Impatiens

Impatiens is another flowering plant that you can grow in your porch on pots. It comes in a dizzying array of lovely colors. Its flowers are 3-inch wide and come in a variety of colors like pink, purple, lavender, red, and many more. The popular orange-flowered variety of New Guinea hybrids would surely give your porch a shocking array of colors, while the Shady Lady will provide it with bright pink color. Busy Lizzie, on the other hand, comes in a wide array of forms from single bloom, double blooms, to dwarf strains that come in various colors.

To keep your Impatiens happy, you should water them profusely. You should also fertilize them amply. As long as you let them grow in a rich and moist potting mixture, you will surely be amply rewarded. 

Tips on How To Grow Your Flowering Plants Healthily In The Porch

Checking the soil of your plants regularly is a great way to keep your plants healthy. The soil should be not soaking wet, but a bit damp. It should also be not dry nor sandy. You should also check if the plants get enough sunlight. So, you should turn the pot occasionally to allow the other side of the plants to get sun exposure. You should also learn how to pair shade flowers with graceful ferns. 

You can also repeat plants on the porch to create a holistic look. You should also create contrast by varying the heights of plants. Moreover, you can stagger your plants on steps or put them on plant stands to vary their heights. Lastly, you should enhance your porch with miniature outdoor lights to create an alluring and dreamy nighttime ambiance for your porch.

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