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Best Boost Pump for Sprinklers

Best Boost Pump for Sprinklers

If you already have a sprinkler system installed, but it is not producing enough water pressure, then you need a booster pump. It is designed to boost the water pressure and flow from your sprinkler system to your lawn or garden.

Depending on your lawn size or source of water, at some point, you might need t increase the water pressure of your irrigation system. A boost pump won’t just increase the water pressure; it will also increase the flow of water and helps it move faster through your pipes. If you have an irrigation system and it is not working properly, it is probably because of low water pressure. To take advantage of your irrigation system and maximize it, use a booster pump.

There are different types of booster pumps. There are booster pumps for homes (lawns and garden use), and larger ones used in public and private parks, playing fields, and other large areas. Booster pumps are also used to increase water pressure as needed. For example, if you have an irrigation system that requires 85 PSI of water pressure to work and your irrigation system is only getting 60PSI from the main line, a booster pump can help increase the water pressure to make your irrigation system work.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Booster Pump

Different Factors to Consider Before Buying a Booster Pump

If your sprinkler is not producing enough water, perhaps it needs a booster pump. When choosing a booster pump, you have to consider certain factors such as your current irrigation system, your lawn’s design and size, your water pipes location, the existing water pressure provided by your main line, and the needed water pressure to make your irrigation system works.

Say your water pump needs 85 PSI of water pressure, look for a booster pump that can produce such. Let us take a look at the other factors that you need to consider before picking a booster pump.

Size and Pressure

To know the size and pressure you need, you have to get the pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) and gallons-per-minute (GPM) production of your sprinkler head. This is called the pressure requirements of your sprinkler system. Don’t worry; this not too technical as most water sprinkler systems use constant head rating. Once you get this number, multiply the GPM with the number of heads you run for a specific time.

Say you are producing 10.6GPM heads @ 40 PSI, then it is equivalent to 60 GPM @ 40 PSI. In short, you will need a booster pump that can do 60 GPM with at least 40 PSI. Getting a bigger or more powerful booster pump can damage your irrigation system; hence it is important to get the size and pressure first.

Power of Existing Irrigation System

In some places like in Long Island, their water pressure is always low that they install booster pumps to maximize its use. Some of the irrigation systems in this are old.

Sometimes, these existing irrigation systems are not compatible with the existing power pressure coming from the main line. For example, an irrigation system requires 85 PSI of water to work, but the pressure coming in only has 60 PSI. To resolve this issue, a booster pump is added to the existing irrigation system for boosting its pressure.

Pump Location

The success of adding a booster to your sprinkler system depends on where the pump will be installed. Consider the distance of the booster from the source of water, the terrain of your lawn or garden, and the height of your pump.

Distance to System

The distance of your pump to your discharge pipe will also affect its effectiveness. For the best distance, if you have a sprinkler head in the lawn that has a distance of 100 feet from the pump, use a 1 ½ inch pipe to get the best pressure. If your sprinkler head covers wider space such as 300 to 600 feet, increase your pipe size to 2 ½ inches.

Power Supply

A regular-sized booster pump needs electric power to run. It usually requires 115 or 230 volts of power and is dual voltage. If you have a larger power pump that runs on a 2.5 horsepower or more, using a 3-phase source or a 230-volt power outlet (or higher) is required.

There are power pumps that are powered by solar panels and gas generators. Depending on the best power source in your area, choose the type of booster pump that will fit your available power source.

Robust Motor

In choosing a booster pump, look for one with a TEFC motor. This type of motor is made of corrosive resistant materials, making it highly durable. Choose a pump that comes with an IP55 international protection rating as well.

Maximum Pressure

Choose a booster pump that offers at least 1.5bar(21.7psi) of water pressure. Don’t go for a pump that offers less.

Getting a booster pump that can do lower than 1.5bar(21.7psi) is just a waste of money as it might not improve the water pressure of your sprinkler system.

Automatic Settings

It is easier to use a booster pump that comes with automatic settings. Say goodbye to manual booster pumps that might require you to set a lot of things before it starts working. If you can operate a pump with a few pushes on a button, then it would be a lot easier to use.

Top Booster Pumps for Sprinklers in the Market Today

Booster Pumps for Sprinklers

1) 1.6HP Shallow Well Sump Pump Stainless Booster Pump

The 1.6HP Shallow Well Sump Pump Stainless Booster Pump is a powerful booster pump that running on a 1200W/1.6HP Power. It features a 115-volt motor that can seamlessly pump water of up to 23 feet.

With 66 PSI water pressure, it can surely keep your irrigation up and running. It can easily water your lawn with its 700GPH production. It also allows you to do de-watering and water transfer because of its self-priming design, meaning you can set it as an automatic sprinkler system.

This booster pump is compatible with wells. If your source of water for your irrigation is a well, this one is a great pump to have. Do you have a pool that needs a refill? This 1.6HP Shallow Well Sump Pump Stainless Booster Pump can help you. This pump is highly recommended for ponds, irrigation systems, large aquariums, and sprinkling systems.

2) AmazonCommercial 1 HP Portable Lawn Sprinkler Pump

When it comes to durability, you can trust this stainless-steel made booster pump from AmazonCommercial. The AmazonCommercial 1 HP Portable Lawn Sprinkler Pump can produce 21 gallons of water per minute or 1260 gallons in an hour.

It is easy to carry around with its portable handle. This is easy to use with its on/off switch, and it comes with a 165-foot vertical water lift. The AmazonCommercial 1 HP Portable Lawn Sprinkler Pump comes with a 10-foot grounded waterproof cord, a 3/4″ garden hose adapter, and a 1″ FNPT discharge. 

3) Red Lion RLSP-150 1-1/2-HP 50-GPM Cast Iron Sprinkler Pump

Featuring a rugged cast iron casing, the RLSP-150 1-1/2-HP 50-GPM Cast Iron Sprinkler Pump from Red Lion is one of the most reliable booster pumps that you can find in the market today. It comes with a reliable pump base so you can easily mount it anywhere you needed to.

Featuring a 1.5 HP engine, this pump can produce 89 GPM at 47 PSI. This is possible even at a distance of 25 feet from the source. You can easily suck and get water with its 2-inch suction hose and discharge hose even from 150 feet.

To run this pump, you need to connect it to a 115 volts power outlet. For maintenance, just ensure that its body is protected from outside elements all the time.

4) Flotec FP5172 Pump Sprinkler 1.5Hp

The Flotec FP5172 Pump Sprinkler 1.5Hp is a high-quality booster pump made of heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic. It is corrosive resistant. This pump is a high-capacity sprinkler, and it is compatible with 30 different sprinkler heads. 

This booster pump from Flotec comes with a self-priming design; hence it can be used as an automatic sprinkler for de-watering and water transfer. It offers a maximum pressure of 47 PSI. This pump also delivers 115/230 motor voltage and has a dual voltage capability (15 amp for 230v / 25 amp for 115v). 

5) BACOENG 1.6HP Stainless Booster Pump

For cabin, pool, tank, or irrigation system, the BACOENG 1.6HP Stainless Booster Pump is a great choice to have. Using its 1.6HP power, it can produce up to 700 GPH.

Have an unlimited supply of water for your lawn, pool, or large aquarium with the help of this high-quality booster pump. It is made of stainless steel for added durability. It comes with a carry handle for portability purposes. This pump is also easy to operate with its on and off switch and is very easy to install.

The BACOENG 1.6HP Stainless Booster Pump comes with a 23-foot suction capability allowing it to draw water even from a depth of 23 feet.  With a water pressure of 69 PSI, enjoy your water supply like its fresh tap water. Use it with peace of mind as it comes with thermal overload protection to keep it from overheating.

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