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Can Chicken Eat Applesauce?

Can Chicken Eat Applesauce

Yes, chickens can eat applesauce, and it is a healthy food option for them. Chickens like to eat all sorts of veggies and fruits, apples being one. They are impressive creatures and can adapt to different living conditions and feed on whatever food is available in their surroundings. 

As chickens aren’t picky eaters, it’s pretty easy to feed them. But as a flock owner, you must be aware of which foods are safe and healthy for your chicks and which ones to avoid. Let’s get to know more about how to feed applesauce to chickens.

Is Applesauce Beneficial For Chickens?

Yes, applesauce can prove beneficial for chickens! Applesauce contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that your chickens need. However, apples are low in protein, an essential component for chickens to grow. You may feed your flock applesauce or apple chunks as an occasional snack. 

Chickens can consume the flesh, core, as well as skin of apples. The only thing that you must watch out for and avoid is apple seeds, as they contain cyanide. They are as poisonous to your chickens as to humans. 

How To Make Applesauce For Chickens

How To Make Applesauce For Chickens?

You just need to crush the flesh of apples and turn it into a purée. Don’t forget to carefully remove all the seeds before crushing the apples. Unsweetened applesauce is usually safer for chickens as an excessive sugar intake can cause diarrhea

Applesauce helps your chicken to cool down on hot days during summer. Apart from the regular red apples, you may also use green apples to make the sauce. The only thing is that it might taste slightly tangy. If your chickens don’t like the taste, shift back to using the regular ones. 

However, don’t add salt or sugar to improve the flavor. It might not be healthy for your chickens and might make them fat. 

If you’re too tired to make applesauce, chop up an apple into small pieces and throw them as treats. You can also try dipping the slices in milk or a bowl of soggy cheerios. Once in a while, your flock would love to taste something different. 

Can You Give Chickens Other Apple Treats

Can You Give Chickens Other Apple Treats?

Now, applesauce isn’t the only way to feed your chickens apples, and it can get boring after a while! You can modify them a little to add a twist to your chicken’s nutrition. Let’s look at a few ideas for chicken treats:

Apple Kebabs

One way to modify your apple treats is to make apple kebabs. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Grab a fishing line or a knitting needle, punch in the apples, and barbecue them. 

To make the cooked treats more nutritious, you can put in chunks of pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, corn, broccoli, bananas, pineapple, grapes, lettuce, pears, etc. 

Stuffed Apples

Another homemade recipe is stuffed apples. For this, you’ll need unsweetened peanut butter, rolled oats, nuts or grains (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chopped almonds, raisins, etc.), and fresh/dried cranberries. 

Cranberries are a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which are beneficial for your flock. Now, mix all the ingredients properly or grind them to a pulp. This way, your chickens will be able to digest the stuffing quickly. 

The next step here is to scoop out the core of the apple so as to make a hole on top of the fruit. Pour the mixture through the hole, and your stuffed apple is ready!

Place the delicacy out in the food pen to surprise your birds. Your chickens will love the flavor of peanut butter and won’t stop pecking at the apple. Since the butter is too sticky, don’t forget to provide your chickens with plenty of freshwater. 

Apple Pie

The next time you make an apple pie, save the leftovers for your hens. However, apple pies can only be a specialty. Don’t overfeed your chickens with pie as they contain lots of sugar and might affect the health of your chicken in the long run. A special treat once a month isn’t so harmful, though!

Fruit Salad

The easiest way to whip up a hen treat with high nutritional content is to make a fruit salad. Chop up one or two apples, half a watermelon or cantaloupe, a few grapes, a tomato, some berries, squash, brussels sprouts, and a pear. Toss all the chunks together, and your salad is done. 

You don’t need to add salt, herbs, or oil to the mixture. As already mentioned, feeding chickens is super easy. The salad is not only nutritious but also yummy!

Final Thoughts

So, that was all about feeding apples to your chickens. Solid or pulpy, chickens do not judge the texture of apples. Whether you feed them applesauce or stuffed apples, they’d enjoy both all the same. 

However, you must add a few protein-rich items to maintain a balanced diet. While apples are nutritious, remember that an excessive intake isn’t healthy for your birds. Serve them applesauce as a snack once in a while, and your chickens will thank you for it!

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