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Can Chickens Eat Apples Safely? (Seed, Core, Peel)

Can Chickens Eat Apples Safely

Yes – chickens can eat Apples and a plethora of other fruits.

But you have to be slightly careful while feeding apples to your chickens. 

Not only are apples one of the healthiest supplements, but when appropriately served, they also make an excellent treat for your livestock.

While chickens eat apples enthusiastically, you have to take significant measures to ensure these tiny troublemakers have a balanced diet. But don’t think twice about serving some fun apple treats to your flock if you mix it in with their regular fodder, because that way, they’ll have all the nutrients they need. 

Do Chickens Like Apples?

Yes, apples are an absolute favorite of chickens.

Munching on the sweet delights is something no chicken can resist. And since apples are sweet, it’s a no-brainer that chickens love them. 

Apples being rich in antioxidants, potassium, Vitamins, minerals, and digestive fibers are a great addition to your chicken’s diet. This fruit also contains pectin and amino acids essential for your chickens’ growth.

It serves as an organic supplement, thereby saving you a lot of money wasted on pharma supplements. Additionally, unlike some other fruits, Apples are actually good for birds and can be eaten in any condition. So, what’s stopping you? Just add them to your chicken’s regular meal plans and see the change.

How to Serve Apples to Chickens

How to Serve Apples to Chickens?

Both the apple pulp and peel are healthy for chickens, so you can feed them either.

Try out creative ways to serve the fruit to the flock. 

Including apples with regular chicken fodder is a great option. You can also give them stuffed apples, where the stuffing is made of their regular food. Also, whether it is just the pulp mixed with other nutritious elements or sliced apple chunks, your flock will love to peck on both of them.

Are Apple Seeds Poisonous For Chicken?

Yes, apple seeds can be dangerous for your chickens.

If you’re planning to feed your chickens apples, ensure the seeds are removed beforehand.

The seeds in small quantities may not be that high in toxins. But if consumed in larger quantities, these toxins can jeopardize the health of your chickens. Besides, apples’ seeds possess no nutritional qualities. So removing them doesn’t take anything away from your chicken’s health regimen.

So never take a chance and always remove the seeds before serving apples to chickens.

Can You Feed Apples To Baby Chicks?

Due to their high nutritional value, apples are OK for baby chicks to consume.

But you should cut them up and remove any seeds for your chicks’ safety. Smaller bits further ease out the digestion for the growing chicks.

You can also just mix and blend some other edibles along with the apple to add some variety to your baby chicks’ diet. 

  • Baby chicks can eat apples as long as they’re easy to chew and swallow. So serve them all peeled and mashed.
  • The peels can be fed as pecking items for them and other supplements like wholegrains.
  • You can also feed them Apple Sauce, Apple Juice, or even mild Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Apple chunks can also be served with other veggies or organic items to eat. Just make sure they all are cut extremely small and easy to gobble. Thread diced apples are appropriate, and so are thinly sliced ones. 
Can Chickens Eat Apple Cores

Can Chickens Eat Apple Cores (inside part of the apple)?

Yes, you can feed chickens apples cores, but you have to be careful.

Apple Cores can boost the vitamin intake of your chicken. However, the primary concern here is that they are challenging for your hens to eat due to their hardness.There also is a possibility that your chicken may not like the hard portion. 

You most certainly can serve them if your flock likes it, but make sure the seeds are entirely eliminated before serving. To avoid your chickens from choking on them, dice them thoroughly. Alternatively, you may prevent health risks by not offering your hens apple cores at all.


Apples are a highly nutritious and tasty treat for your flock.

But make sure you never accidentally make your chickens eat apple seeds. Moreover, instead of serving them whole apples, give them diced apples or apple slices. Chickens love apples, so you don’t even need to remove the apple skins before serving them. 

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