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Can Chickens Eat Coconut?

Can Chickens Eat Coconut

Yes, chickens can eat coconut. Chickens can eat fresh coconut as long as it has not been sweetened. The extra sugar can be bad for their bodies and can disrupt the balance of nutrients in the chicken feed.

Chickens can eat coconut meat as well as drink the water inside. The fruit is full of nutrients that can enhance egg production. However, feeding too many coconuts can lead to obesity as they have a high saturated fat content.

Coconut has a plethora of health benefits for chickens; however, you need to be mindful of the quantity and the form of coconut you are feeding them.

Is Coconut Good for Chickens?

nutrients present in a fresh coconut
Is Coconut Good for Chickens

This table above showcases the nutrients present in a fresh coconut. In a 100gm serving of fresh coconut, chickens can benefit from the above nutrients. The health benefits are explained below:

  • Thiamin present in coconut enhances the chicken’s appetite.
  • Niacin has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to boost their immune system against inflammatory diseases, one of them being Mouth Cavity Inflammation in chickens.
  • Riboflavin enhances the egg quality and protects chickens from Curly-toe Paralysis.
  • Folates boost the production of RNA and DNA that subsequently stabilize their emotional and mental health.
  • Calcium and phosphorus strengthen the bones and boost eggshell quality.
  • Coconut is rich in fibre. This fibre aids in digestion.
  • Iron prevents them from anemia.
  • Zinc boosts feather and bone health.
  • Carbs provide chickens with energy.

All the nutrients present in a fresh coconut help chickens in some or the other way. All in all, it is an extremely beneficial fruit/nut/seed to add to a chicken’s diet.

Can Chickens Eat Coconut Flakes

Can Chickens Eat Coconut Flakes?

Dried or desiccated coconut should be avoided at all costs in a chicken’s diet. These swell in the stomach and can be fatal to birds unless properly soaked beforehand.

Can Chickens Eat Coconut Oil?

According to many chicken enthusiasts, coconut oil has amazing health benefits for chickens as it has for us. As a poultry owner, you can feed coconut oil to your chickens regularly in moderate quantities.

To feed coconut oil to your chickens, you can mix a spoonful of coconut oil and add it to your pet’s regular feed. You can also coat their fruits and vegetables in coconut oil to harness its healing properties. 

Coconut oil can be added to their superfoods, meals, and every other chicken feed in small quantities.

How Often Can I Feed Coconut To My Chickens

Can Chickens Drink Coconut Milk?

Once in a while, you can feed coconut milk to your chickens, although it does not have more beneficial properties than dairy milk. You can feed them coconut milk once or twice a week to enhance their overall health.

Can Chickens Drink Coconut Water?

Yes, chickens can drink coconut water just as they can drink coconut milk. In fact, they can drink coconut water regularly without any harm. It hydrates their body, balances the pH levels, and even reduces stress. It also enhances the waste removal process from the bodies.

How Often Can I Feed Coconut To My Chickens?

Coconuts can be given every day, but they should not exceed more than 20% of their daily diet. Coconut oil should never exceed 3% of their daily diet (source). It is best to cut fresh coconut and add it to the chicken feed to make an overall healthy meal.

Coconut and coconut meal are both ideal for giving chickens the recommended daily dosage. The coconut meal is the dried byproduct received after extracting coconut oil from coconut. It is also highly nutritious and fibrous for your flock.

Can Baby Chicks Eat Coconut Safely?

You can feed coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut milk, and other forms of coconut to baby chicks safely, just like mature chickens. But, just be mindful not to feed them dried coconut or desiccated coconut. Just ensure that the coconut is in fresh form. 

Similarly, you can add edible coconut oil to their animal feeds to get a superfood blend. Mixing coconut with banana makes a sweet treat for your flock. Banana and coconut oil together have amazing antibacterial properties for their wellbeing.


Finally, to sum it all up, coconut is very healthy for chickens. But, it should not exceed more than 20% of their regular feed. Edible oil extracted from coconut, coconut meal, fresh flakes of coconut, coconut milk, and coconut water can all be given to baby chicks and chickens regularly.

It is better that your chickens eat coconut oil mixed with banana peels or coated on sunflower seeds to get maximum health benefits. These should be given as treats and not as the main meal.

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