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Can Chickens Eat Mayonnaise?

Can Chickens Eat Mayonnaise

Yes, chickens can eat mayonnaise. This condiment is relatively safe for your flocks, although it may not be ideal.

Chickens are omnivorous animals, i.e., they can eat a plant-based diet as well as a meat-based diet. As mayonnaise is made from eggs, oil, and vinegar, it is a mix of both plant-based and animal-based ingredients. You can feed chickens mayonnaise as table scraps but not as a main meal.

So, if you are still not satisfied with the answer to ‘Can chickens eat mayonnaise,’ scroll down further to know more about adding this condiment to your chickens diet.

Is Mayonnaise Good for Chickens?

Can chickens eat mayonnaise – yes, but is mayonnaise good for chickens? No. Mayonnaise is not harmful or toxic to your birds, but it cannot be categorized as a very nutritional meal.

You can let your chickens eat mayonnaise in small amounts. Free-range chickens mostly prefer a diet of insects and plants. When given mayonnaise, insects, and some vegetables to feed, they will choose the vegetables and the insects but won’t care much about the mayonnaise.

As a general rule, feeding chickens should be done in the ratio of 90:10, where 90 comes from a quality commercial feed, and 10 comes from the leftovers, table scraps, and other snacks that you give as a healthy treat. 

Their key nutrition should come from their commercial feed, which is mainly a diet rich in carbohydrates and protein. You can feed them vegetables and fruits along with their main meals or as snacks to ensure they get all the health benefits from various essential vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is typically made by emulsifying eggs and oil and some types of acid like vinegar or lemon juice. It is high in fat and provides very few nutrients.

Having said so, it is not a complete junk food either. Mayonnaise contains vitamins like A, B1, B6, D, E and some minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants in low quantities. 

All these essential vitamins and minerals provide varied health benefits to a chicken’s body. Mayonnaise can be given with other foods to provide flocks with a balanced diet.

Do Chickens Like Mayonnaise?

Chickens do not need spices and condiments in their diets. They have very few taste buds, and most birds won’t even appreciate the taste of mayonnaise.

So, we cannot say that chickens love eating mayonnaise. They are not accustomed to eating these kinds of condiments, so they might not even relish it as a treat. 

But, if your chickens eat mayonnaise, then you can give them this condiment along with other healthy fruits or vegetables to make it like a healthy treat.

What Foods Can Chickens Not Eat

What Foods Can Chickens Not Eat?

Although chickens are not fussy eaters and can pretty much eat whatever you feed them, there are certain foods that you must not feed chickens. These are:

  • Moldy food

Never feed your birds rotten food. You might dislike wasting food and think that feeding moldy food once in a while to your flocks can prevent wastage. But, your birds can easily fall ill with rotten food.

  • Avocado Pits

Feeding avocado flesh might not be a problem, but the pits should be avoided. Mainly the pit and skin are toxic as they contain a toxin called persin, which can prove fatal for chickens.

  • Dry Beans

There are different types of beans available such as green beans, refried beans, canned beans, pinto beans, and others. Feeding chickens dried pinto beans, or refried beans can prove fatal as they contain some toxins.

You can feed them cooked beans in the form of bean soup, but never feed them dry beans.

  • Green Potato Skins

Nightshade vegetables are toxic for chickens as their skins contain a toxin called solanine. Avoid feeding green potato skins, leaves or stems of potatoes, or green potatoes. You can feed left over cooked potato or potato salad to your birds.

You can feed them sweet potatoes as they belong to a different plant family.

  • Sugary Foods

It is hard for chickens to digest food containing sugar or other high fructose corn sugars.

  • Salty Foods

Avoid feeding your birds salty food, as too much salt is not required in a chicken’s diet.

  • Tea/Coffee

Do not give coffee grounds or tea bags as a chicken treat as these contain toxins that can make your birds ill.

  • Greasy/High-Fat Food

Greasy or high-fat food can lead to obesity and other digestive issues in your birds.

These and a few other foods should be avoided in a chicken’s diet.

Foods that Chickens Can Eat

Chickens are omnivorous animals and will eat anything that you give them. If left on their own, they will even eat their own eggs. Here is a list of a few food items that chickens can eat:

  • You will be amused to find that they not only love eating bananas, but chickens eat banana peels as well. Banana peels contain a lot of fiber, potassium, and manganese.
  • Chickens eat canned beans, green beans, or any other form of cooked beans like refried beans, pinto beans, etc.
  • Chickens eat peanut butter. But, you should give them this fatty food in moderation or only as a chicken treat.
  • Chickens eat cheese and most dairy products.
  • Chickens eat shrimp and other insects as they are omnivore animals.
  • You can feed chickens cabbage along with other foods and vegetables.
  • Chickens eat oatmeal; in fact, chickens love oats. Oats provide essential vitamins.
  • Chickens eat celery and even eat celery stalks happily. 
  • Chickens love to eat carrot peels, raw carrots, cooked carrots, and carrot leaves. Chickens eat carrot tops as they love to eat a plant based diet.
  • Chickens love a soybean meal. A soybean meal should be included in their diet regularly as it is rich in protein. 
  • Chickens love an egg flavor, so you can feed them cooked eggs, egg yolks, scrambled eggs.
  • You can feed chicken pasta. Pasta is rich in nutrients, iron, protein, and carbohydrates. It is safe if your chickens eat pasta at least once or twice a week.

Chickens eat a plant as well as a meat based diet. Feeding them a nutritious diet will ensure you get good quality eggs and healthy meat if you are raising them for poultry. 


So, can chickens eat mayonnaise? Yes. But eating mayonnaise does not provide them with many health benefits. 

This condiment is made from emulsified eggs, oil, and vinegar. You can make your chickens eat mayonnaise mixed with fruits and vegetables to add more nutritional value. 

Alternate it with nuts, dairy, or other chicken treats that you give them on rare occasions.

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