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Can Chickens Eat Oranges?

Can Chickens Eat Oranges

Yes, chickens can eat oranges. In fact, your birds will love having the citrus fruit once in a while. Chickens are less demanding when it comes to food, so their feeding options are not limited. 

As a poultry owner, you might want to know which foods are good and which are bad for chickens, and the same question is applicable to oranges as well. Oranges are safe for your backyard chickens, but just like there are two sides to a coin, feeding oranges too has some exceptions. 

Keep scrolling to find out how to feed your chickens oranges and all information on the topic.

Can You Feed Chickens Oranges? 

Yes, you can definitely feed chickens oranges. Although, there is a continuous debate about whether these citrus juices are safe for chickens. Oranges are citrus fruits, and some believe that citrus fruits can slow chickens’ egg laying process, and the eggs get thinner shells. 

Plus, some say that the combination of citric acid and vitamin C in oranges may lead to excessive feather plucking. However, all these myths are not true. Some citrus fruits may be harmful to the chickens, but that does not apply to oranges. 

Oranges are a tasty treat for the chickens, and they have a few health benefits as well. So you won’t have to think twice before allowing your chickens some fresh juicy oranges. But you should be careful about the quantity you are providing and how frequently you feed chickens oranges. 

Like all treats, you should give oranges to chickens in moderation and also avoid giving rotten oranges. Adding a little variety to the chicken’s diet is always a great idea, and chickens love feeding on the citrus pulp once in a while. 

Can Chickens Eat Orange Peel 

Can Chickens Eat Orange Peel? 

Orange peels are not as tasty as the juicy orange flesh, but orange peels are actually beneficial. Many animals or birds, including chickens, shed harmful organisms like salmonella in their fecal matter. 

Orange peels can prevent or limit the effect of such bad bacteria content in the birds’ gut. Orange peels have cleansing oil properties that can destroy harmful bacteria, pests, viruses, and similar things. If chickens eat orange peels, they will develop fewer chances of getting an illness or food poisoning. 

Especially if they are egg-laying chickens, orange peels are very nutritious for them. But the only problem with orange peels is that they are too thick for chickens to break. So try breaking them into small pieces to make it easier for chickens to eat. 

Can You Feed Oranges to Baby Chicks?

Yes, baby chicks can eat oranges too. As we have mentioned earlier as well, oranges are a source of vitamin C, which is beneficial for the flock’s healthy growth. While providing oranges to baby chickens, cut them into small pieces so that it is easier to peck on. 

Also, avoid giving too many oranges and keep it an occasional treat only. 

Are Oranges Good For Chickens? 

Are Oranges Good For Chickens? 

Oranges are definitely good for chickens, and chickens love oranges too. To keep chickens healthy, you need to introduce different food into their diet. Oranges have many nutritional benefits apart from just being a rich source of vitamin C. 

The pulp and citrus fruit rind lowers the gi tract in birds in a natural and beneficial way. Besides, oranges are also a good source of potassium and fiber, so chicken owners can add small quantities to their chickens’ diet. 

But the only thing to consider while feeding citrus fruits like oranges is that it’s quite high in sugar. Too much sugar is bad for chicken’s health, so controlling the portion is the only way to make oranges a healthy treat. 

Don’t use oranges as the main food but give a slice or two with other foods once in a while. Some chicken breeds can be sensitive to oranges due to the combination of vitamin C and citric acid. 

To ensure your chicken isn’t sensitive to oranges, give them a very tiny amount at first and see if there are any reactions. There are so many additional benefits of feeding oranges to your chickens; let’s have a look at all the benefits. 

Less chances of diseases 

Vitamin C in oranges prevents the radical build-up in the chicken’s body and induces the growth of healthy cells. Excess growth of radicals can permanently damage healthy cells. Additionally, excessive growth of free radicals in the body can cause cancer and heart disease. 

Low cholesterol

The soluble fiber in oranges helps reduce cholesterol. Soluble fiber takes up water in the gut and forms a slow-moving gel. The gel moves through the intestinal tract and absorbs excess cholesterol, and removes it from the fecal waste. 

Better vision 

Oranges are rich in vitamin A also, which improves vision. Significantly grown-up poultry can suffer from muscular degeneration; hence vitamin A is quite essential for them. 

Better Immune System 

Vitamin C in oranges helps prevent infections and ailments, keeping your chicken’s immune system healthy. Besides, the antioxidants found in oranges prevent skin damage and slow down the aging process. 

Oranges are healthy and nutritious food as long as you give them as occasional treats. These are not staple chicken food, so follow moderation to ensure your birds get just the right amount of nutrition. 

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