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Can Chickens Eat Turnips?

Can Chickens Eat Turnips

Yes, turnips are entirely healthy for chickens to consume. In fact, turnips are accessible all year, so you can feed them to the flock whenever you want. 

This meal may be unfamiliar to chickens, but as they become accustomed to it, like other vegetables, they will like eating it and be delighted with its benefits.

But how should you feed this tasty treat to your chickens? What precautions must you take for your hen’s maximum benefit? Read on to know everything about how chickens eat root vegetables. 

Are Turnips Safe For Chickens?

Fiber, calcium, and vitamins abound in turnips. To top that, it’s also rich in manganese, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and potassium. The hens in your summer garden may prosper from eating turnips in the following ways:

Immune Response Boost:

Vitamin C, which defends the skin from harmful free radicals, is abundant in turnips. Chickens given a high-vitamin C diet are less likely to get ill. If they get unwell, giving them turnips may help them improve more rapidly along with immune system boosting properties.

Bone Health Promotion:

Vitamin K and calcium are abundant in turnips. In the metabolism of bones, vitamin K performs an essential function. It helps to strengthen the joints by making them denser when coupled with calcium.

Support the Liver:

Feeding chickens turnip helps restore liver function by reducing liver damage and restoring normal levels of liver enzymes. Turnips have high amounts of vitamin C, minerals, and polyphenols, which aid liver cell regeneration.

It improves the liver’s efficiency as well as its structure. Turnip’s intense antioxidant concentration protects the liver from free radical damage, decreases oxidative stress, and lowers the risk of liver problems in chickens. Besides that, the vegetable offers blood cleansing properties.

Can Chickens Consume Turnip Greens

Can Chickens Consume Turnip Greens?

Turnip greens are safe for chicken consumption and have the same health benefits it offers humans. The vegetable contains no toxins of any sort. Moreover, they are quite beneficial to them when fed raw or even cooked. It contains a considerable quantity of fiber and vitamins A, B6, magnesium, and calcium.

You may want to slash whole turnips into tiny chunks before feeding them to make it easier for them to chow down and digest. However, you may also offer them the entire leaf. It is a fantastic method to keep chickens occupied and active all day.

How To Feed Turnips To Chickens?

It may be difficult for hens to consume turnips since they are hard veggies. There are three methods you may attempt to make it simpler for kids to consume these tasty and healthy root vegetables:

  1. Cooking The Turnips: You can boil or steam turnips for 15-20 minutes at 350°F. You can cook a whole turnip or split it into smaller bits and then cook. Leave it to cool for some time before placing it in their serving dish to feed them.
  2. Grating The Turnips: Since the pieces are so tiny, shredding a halved turnip is a fantastic way to feed poultry. It will be simpler for them to consume and digest due to this. Clean the turnips first, then grate them till you have enough for the chicks to eat.
  3. Mash: You may mash the turnips in the third technique. Chickens aren’t fussy eaters and will eat just about everything.

How Often Should Chickens Eat Turnip Greens?

Although turnips do not possess any pollutants and are safe to give to hens, you should feed them within limits. Turnips do not provide enough nourishment to suit the chicken’s nutritional needs.

Chickens should instead be given high-quality commercial meals regularly. These feeds are made with the perfect proportion of nourishment to satisfy the chickens’ daily needs. Turnips tops should only account for 10% of their total diet due to their very little nutritional value. 

Therefore, you must give your hens turnips once or twice each week. You should alternate turnips with other vegetables like raw beets, beet greens, raw parsnips, potato skin, sweet potato, or even carrot peels, but never any green potatoes. 

While you feed potatoes to chickens, make sure you avoid the white potato as well. Moreover, you can include carrot, sweet potatoes, yearly pumpkin seeds, and add garlic powder to hens’ meals for flavor. It will provide them with extra nourishment that turnips lack.

Can Baby Chicks Consume Turnips

Can Baby Chicks Consume Turnips?

Yes, newborn hens can eat turnips, but this is a food that one should give to them in very modest quantities. Only 1-2 tablespoons of food are consumed by baby birds every day.

Since they consume so little, it’s critical to provide them with extremely nutritious meals with all the components they need to thrive. If the birds consume too many turnips, they will not have enough space for their starting diet and become malnourished.

If you intend to feed chicks turnips, avoid offering them raw turnips since they are pretty hard. Cooked and even crushed turnips will be simpler for younger birds to consume.


Turnips are one of the green vegetables that chickens love eating. Given it is abundant in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, it is an exceptionally nutritious food source for hens. It will be a hit with your chickens. The points given above will help you feed chickens this great healthy treat.

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