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Heavy Duty Wrought Iron Shepherd Hooks

Heavy Duty Wrought Iron Shepherd Hooks

One of the best ways to spruce up the ambiance of your garden is to have hanging plants in your garden. Hanging plants allow you to have beautiful flowers at an almost eye level. But you would surely need an array of shepherd’s hooks to enable you to set those hanging plants. You can use these hooks to let your hanging plants dangle freely. What is this shepherd’s hook then?

Well, a shepherd’s hook is a heavy-duty forged iron hook that features two sweeping curves. This hook is specially designed for holding hanging plants, decorations, and lanterns in your lawn or your garden. It also features two pointed spikes at its bottom to anchor it onto the ground. Moreover, it has a flat-iron bar right above the spikes to support the anchoring of the hook onto solid ground. 

The Best Material for Shepherd’s Hook

Shepherd’s hook came in different varieties and made. But the most commonly used material for shepherd’s hook is the wrought iron. Wrought iron, of course, has a shallow carbon content, measuring around .08% as compared to cast iron with approximately 2.1% to 4%. It is also an iron alloy. 

Wrought iron is known for its toughness and malleability. It is also corrosion-resistant and ductile. It is referred to as “wrought” because it could be easily hammered, rolled, or worked while it is hot for expelling molten slag. Thus, it is perfect for making shepherd’s hooks. Because it could be molded beautifully to produce awesome shapes and patterns while allowing for various finishes. Furthermore, the finishes of wrought iron are considered to be masterpieces with unique functionalities and beauty. 

Variety of Designs

Using wrought iron, you can fashion out uniquely designed shepherd’s hooks. The design of shepherd’s hooks consists of a long rod that features hooks or finials. The shapes of the hooks are usually in floral, curvy, and u-shapes. Shepherd’s hooks may also feature multiple hooks or single hooks. To prolong the durability of the hooks, they are more often electroplated or powder-coated in striking colors. You can also paint them according to your desired colors.

Multi-pole hooks like the double-pole shepherd’s hooks come with two hooks that are connected to the pole instead of having a single hook. You can use it for hanging bird feeders, baskets, and other outdoor decorations.

Moreover, shepherd’s hooks usually come with two built-in anchors situated at the pole’s base. These two anchors are welded together, forming a lowercase letter “h.” This design is capable of supporting single-pole hooks. However, sometimes you need an extra anchoring for stabilizing the pole and supporting the load on two hooks.

Different Usage of Shepherd’s Hooks

Wrought-iron shepherd’s hooks are ideal for use in decorating and hanging flower baskets, bug lights, birdhouses, lanterns, wind chimes, etc. These hooks come in handy in any type of tasks that require hanging of something. Furthermore, heavy-duty shepherd hooks are also used during garden parties and weddings and in garden decoration, or any special event. You can also buy shepherd’s hooks with adjustable height features.

Best Heavy Duty Wrought Iron Shepherd’s Hooks

Since shepherd’s hooks came in a wide variety of designs and made, you will sometimes find it hard to choose the right shepherd’s hooks. To make it easy for you to zero in on the ideal wrought iron shepherd’s hooks, you should check out this short review of the top-rated shepherd’s hooks on the market today:

1) Sorbus Shepherd’s Hooks – Set of 4 Extendable Garden Planter Stakes

The Sorbus Shepherd’s Hooks Set features four shepherd’s hooks that are ideal for use in hanging plants, outdoor decors, lights, bird’s feeders, flower baskets, etc. The maximum measurement of the hooks is around 36.50″. These hooks are collapsible down to 17.5 inches depending on the amount of space available. 

These shepherd’s hooks carry an attractive design with a black finish that adds elegance and style to any space. You can use it when decorating for anniversaries, weddings, parties, and other important celebrations. 

The hooks are made of heavy-duty materials and are super strong. They are made of durable steel that is designed to last for several years. They are also designed for all-weather purposes. Moreover, they are lightweight and are easy to carry around where they are needed. The Sorbus set package includes extenders, stakes, and shepherd’s hooks.

2) Vencer Set of 2 Double Shepherd Hook

The Vencer Set of 2 Double Shepherd Hook is great for any type of hanging tasks. You can use it to hang solar lights, lanterns, flower pots, garden lights, candle holders, holiday decorations, mason jars, wind chimes, flower balls, and many more. Each of these shepherd’s hooks has dimensions of 78 inches with 7/10-inch diameter. It is made of high-quality iron. It is, thus, durable as well as rust-proof.

The Vencer set of 2 is easy to use. The package comes with two shepherd’s hooks with five adjustable parts and butterfly buckles. Each shepherd’s hook is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used for different purposes.

You can also lengthen the height of these shepherd’s hooks, but you should take extra precaution when installing it. Moreover, its height can reach up to 94 inches if you add a spare section. But the higher its length, the less weight it could bear.

3) Ashman Shepherd’s Hooks

The Ashman Shepherd’s Hooks have almost the same design as those of the Sorbus Shepherd’s Hooks. Each set comes with 12 shepherd’s hooks that are made of high-quality steel.

Each shepherd’s hook features a 35-inch high, 9-inch wide and 1/4-inch diameter frame. It is perfect for hanging different types of loads like garden baskets, lanterns, flower pots, solar lights, mason jars, holiday decorations, wind chimes, etc.

This Ashman Shepherd’s Hooks are easy to use and set up. They don’t require elaborate setups. You simply need to push the hooks into the ground using your foot and off they go. They are also designed for durability with a glossy powder finish that prevents them from rusting. They are also designed for different uses and applications. Lastly, their use can readily enhance your backyards, indoors, and lawn.

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