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Best Over the Fence Plant Hangers

Best Over the Fence Plant Hangers

It would usually require creativity on your part to turn a boring fence into something aesthetically pleasing. And one sure way of doing it is via the use of over the fence plant hangers and planter boxes. The use of fence planters and planter boxes will surely add style and color to an otherwise boring fence.

You got plenty of options when it comes to sprucing up your boring fence. You can either go for ready-made planters that are specifically designed for enhancing the appearance of a fence or you can up-cycle crates and pallet woods and turn them into stylish planter boxes. Your only limitation in your design is your level of creativity and innovativeness. 

If you don’t have enough time, however, you can surely go for ready-made plant hangers and planter boxes. It can save you time and effort that you can otherwise use for some other more important tasks. However, if you got ample time and zest, you can engage in making DIY planter boxes and plant hangers. The choice is all yours as long as a result would amplify and enhance the looks of your fence.

Highly Recommended Over the Fence Planters

The range of possibilities for enhancing the view of your fence with planter boxes and plant hangers are unlimited. But more often, you can make the sprucing up process easy by borrowing from the ideas of others. To help you in the process, we have chosen here five of the most remarkable products that you can use to enhance and beautify your fence:

1) KINGLAKE Flower Pots Set

The KINGLAKE Flower Pots set consists of 10 pcs of iron hanging plant pots that every gardener can use. It is perfect for use in the deck, patio, and balcony. You can also use it for hanging plants inside your house. With this set of hanging pots, you can have hanging potted plants in your balcony, fence, railings, window, and anywhere you want some potted plants hanging.

It does come in varied beautiful and bright colors that are really attractive to look at. Each pot comes with a hook that is large enough for hanging onto railings up to 2.5-inch wide. The use of these hanging pots will surely spruce up any place that seems drab and boring. Additionally, these pots feature holes at the bottom for easy and quick draining of water.

2) Tough-1 Portable Collapsible Hanger

The Tough-1 Portable Collapsible Hanger features an easy-to-hang portable collapsible hanger that is stylishly designed to readily spruce up any dull space of your fence.

You can easily hang this collapsible hanger onto a fence or stall using its hook that has a depth of 2.5 inches. Its bar is around 14 inches long and can fold flat to any wall. You can use it for hanging halters, cleaning hooks, and hold bridles. You can also readily use it at home and even at any outdoor shows. It is also perfect for hanging baskets and bird feeders.

The Tough-1 Portable Collapsible Hanger is a stellar hanger that does its job well. It is excellent for use by people who frequently want to change the placement of their hanging plants. It is also perfect for apartment dwellers who don’t want to boreholes or pay for hole repairs when they decide to move out. It is heavy-duty and is designed to last for several years.

3) MORITIA Iron Hanging Shelf Basket with Hooks

The MORITIA Iron Hanging Shelf Basket with Hooks is a hanging shelf basket that comes with hooks for easy hanging. It features durable metal construction with a powder-coated finish. This makes it rust-resistant and sturdy. You can use this hanging shelf basket for displaying plants and flowering pots on the walls or the deck railing.

This Basket comes with a sleek, stylish design that adds beauty to your place. It also comes in different sizes depending on your demand. Its dimensions are 23.6 x 7.8 x 4. 5 inches.

4) Tosnail Iron Art Hanging Baskets Flower Pot Holder

The Tosnail Iron Art Hanging Baskets Flower Pot Holder comprises of three flower pot holders that are best suited for hanging onto fence or railings that are 2.5 inches in thickness or less. It is stylishly designed to add elegance and decorative touch to your fencing or railings. Moreover, each flower potholder can provide sturdy and durable support for potted plants.

Each of the flower potholders has a top diameter of 8″, 6″ bottom, and 4.5″ height. Its hook opening measures around 2.5″. The Tosnail Iron Art Hanging Baskets Flower Pot Holders are made of sturdy steel construction, designed to last for several years. They are great for patio, balcony, porch, garden rail, fence, and many other spaces wherein you need to hang flower pots.

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